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The Invention of Sweet Names

Hey honeycomb, hope you having a productive day? I bet you having a sizzling moment wrapped up in candies of excitement? Just dropped by to say hi while I watch you occupy a large portion of my heart. (A text to bae)
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Turning Tables

Happy New Year guys. So I’m not going to be doing the whole new year sensational speech, amma just dive straight into what we are here to talk about.


A lot of people are on the verge of regret as 2017 parks up its portfolio for 2018 to take over. If they could hold the hands of time, the solar system would be overheated due to multiple flashbacks.

Digital Marketing Space in Udacity by Deborah Ihesiaba

The social media space is one of the most complicated webs ever known to man especially as a novice. Standing outside, the digital crater sets me wondering how I can tap into the abysmal pool of digital experience to enhancing not only my fashion business but every struggling offline business around me.


Everything big starts small yea? How small does it have to be for it to be big enough? I keep asking myself this question time after time.

SPONSORED: Build My Business Expo Powered by iDare.NotDread Nigeria

Hey guys, whatsup Abuja, whatsup world!!! December 2nd the best time to take your business to an elevated platform before 2017 kisses us goodbye.

Lessons from Spartacus

On seeing this title, I know your mind carved an amphitheatre covered in blood, unveiling a gladiator putting on a metal drape, holding a trident and badass shield as he stands above a defeated foe while the naked crowd meltdown judgment “kill him, kill him”