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Youth Missions: Christianity at Workplace

On seeing this title I know a lot of you are already imagining that lowly, moody brother/sister who acts like the whole worlds sin is yoked to his/her neck.
This article proves otherwise, it is rather a swag-ful, interesting guide on how to be an effective Christian wherever you may find yourself. (dusting dirt of shoulders)

I often hear some Christians complain about their employers, some go further in insulting them and disrespecting them which makes me wonder “they really and truly lack ground knowledge on word of God”

What are the things the Bible said about Christians at their workplace

Respect Your Employers

Is it possible to be at your best when your employers are on your neck? I guess the answer is yes.

What is your end goal at your workplace? Do you want a good testimonial about you or would you want negatives about you? Now it’s up to you to make the body of Christ look corrupt or sane cos your behaviour will give them the conclusion of who we say we are.

As an effective Christian, the word of God says we should work with our heart, might, body and soul, irrespective of who our employers are (either Christians, Muslims or unbeliever), we are to be at our best at all times.

Spray Love in the atmosphere

Some Christians are full of spite; all they think of is how to tell lies, backbiting their way to the top like Cessie in Game of Thrones. Come on you don’t need all that.

You really don’t have to be on the managing board before you make a difference. Just that little cubicle you occupy can evoke great policies to your own advantage if you prayerfully work towards it.

From here on we can see the plain truth in the gospel about behaving oneself properly.

We can clearly see that the moment we are selfless, the more chances to become richly blessed emerge. If you read up to verse 11, you will see the benefit that humility can fetch you.

The closer you get to God the more, the more matured you become    

If we focus on God, he develops us from inside out, causing us to be more mature than our working environment. We suddenly learn basic ethics that will stand us out where ever we may be functioning in our various offices.

We are to stay away from negative company. Yea that guy that tells you about the girls he slept with during the week, you are to flee from his shadows before he pulls your brain under his feet and you start longing for such.

Treat your work with ultimate sense of responsibility

Our work isn’t just a place we go to for salary at the end of the day/month. It’s a field God has called us to harvest souls for him.

Although the Bible says in Job 1:9-10 about God blessing us through the work of our hands (our workplace) however, let’s see It as a place where our attitude win souls for Christ.

 Youth Missions Role Play Game

During our Youth Missions meeting on October 21st, we played a role play game as the Board of Directors of Landmark Real Estate firm (nice name we came up with)

Below are some major things about the imagery company;
*Annual Revenue - 500million naira
*No of Staff- 10core staff, 10 marketers

Landmark Organizational goals;
*Getting and maintaining clients
*Selling quality houses

Expectations from staff;
*Excellent services
*Division of labour
*Teamwork and hard work
*Promoting company values

Staff expectations from organization;
*Treated well
*Mutual respect
*Trainings/ refresher course
*Comfortable work environment

 Challenges faced by Christians in an organization;

I) Not paying salaries on time
II) Mocking Christians over their religious beliefs
III) There are some offices that mandate other religions enjoy holiday’s while Christians are forced to work on their holidays
IV) Employers don’t consider the spiritual environment, thereby restrict people to express their deposited capacity.
V) Religious satellite on Christians: The church has always being persecuted from day one. Most employers just find it interesting to persecute Christians because of how feeble they feel they can be.
VI) Overworking staff: Some employers give a staff the role of 5 offices because they are trying to save cost. This can however stress and stretch staff to the extent they break.

Wrong things some Christians do at workplace;

I) Deceitfulness
II)  Disrespecting their employers
III) Promote bribery and corruption
IV) Don’t put value over their stance in Christianity

I) Using wisdom to attend to sensitive issues
II) Playing your role fervently
III) Respectfully talk to your boss and colleagues
IV) Strike a balance between over religious practice and your social lifestyle.
V) Set the pace and they will follow: How do you want them to relate to you? How you carry yourself? this will determine how they perceive and tend to you.
VI) Talk to God in prayers. “The king’s heart is in the hands of the Lord, like the rivers of water, he turns it wherever he wishes” (Proverb 21:1NKJV)
VII) You have to bounce at the end of the day if the above solutions isn’t working.

It was indeed a great meeting and we plan to do it again and again, learning and sharing vital experience and knowledge with each other. 

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